Humble Beginnings for Music Flair

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

After existing for 3 years now, Music Flair is finally breaking the Industry in what they believe are ‘Humble Beginnings’.

Formed in 2014 by Rivoningo Nkuna, one of the vocalists, Music Flair is a 4 piece band which consists of Bass, Keys, Drums, Percussion and of course 3 vocalists.

The band was initially signed under a company but they went on to be independent. Rivoningo made calls to people she knew would and can be part of the band and that is how the band was formed. They started up with more people but with time some just faded away and are left with what they have now – much stronger, clearer and determined.

“The reason behind forming the band, was that back then we had no means to getting into the industry and here we are sitting with these talents that could work for us, right now ‘The Jam is the Bread’,” Nkuna said.

Music Flair specializes in Afro Soul Jazz Music, but they are very diverse in their sound. They initially played Deep Jazz music only, but they realized they had to make music for people within their age group. They then mixed commercial with the deep Jazz and it worked out very well.

They are busy recording their long awaited EP called ‘Humble Beginnings’ at the SABC studios in Johannesburg. This is not their first time going through the recording process, they tried to record before but failed. This time they believe they are in the right state of mind and ready to do things the right way. They are just glad that this time around all is going accordingly.

They are excited about this EP, they believe it will share some light to their audience and fans of who they are and how they managed to get here.

“Wow, our EP is a compilation of amazing songs, each of the songs have a profound meaning to us and gives you a glimpse of what we’ve been through in the industry and what we are about,” Nkuna revealed.

They have a lot of plans underway, they are just grateful to God of the things that are coming up their way. Firstly, they will launch at the SABC, Morning Live. They are planning to have radio interviews and tours and they would really love to be nominated for the SAMAs so and are working on getting there.

To all their fans, this is what Nkuna had this to say:

“Stay humble, grow in love and know who you are, with that in mind you can move mountains.”

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