Two UJ Students Kidnapped!

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

Two students from the University of Johannesburg were kidnapped late last night. Kwanele Siphelele Mazibuko and her unnamed friend were kidnapped from outside their commune gate at around 22:00pm.

Kwanele is a first year student at the University of Johannesburg. Kwanele and her friend were parked outside the front gate of their place at 47 Ditton Avenue, Auckland Park when four men in a silver Toyota corolla pulled behind them with guns and forced the two students in their car. Kwanele’s car was also taken.

It is understood that the reason Kwanele and her friend were parked outside the street is because of the rules and regulations of the place. Visitors are not allowed to enter the premises, let alone have a sleep over.

It is strictly advised that students from the University be vigilant at all times, particularly in instances like this one. If you are a student staying in accommodation outside the University.

You are advised to plan any prospective meet ups with friends earlier in the day. Students who have classes till late (evening classes), you are also advised to not walk alone after your classes, if possible ask a fellow classmate who owns a car to drop you off where you stay.

Never climb into a car of someone you don’t know, especially the polo and corolla cars that offer students lifts from school.

Another issue that arises in this matter is that most students might have a problem distinguishing between the genuine drivers of applications such as Uber and Taxify and imposters.

The car that took the students was a make and model that these two Apps mostly use, a 2013 Toyota Corolla, so this means that students might end up not trusting uber and taxify drivers which might not be good for the business.

Currently Kwanele and her friend have not been found. The Brixton Police Department is asking the public and surrounding areas to help find the two students. If anyone has any information regarding the kidnapping of the two girls, they can contact the Brixton Police on 011 248 5520.