DJ Khathu Keeps Us Laughing On Social Media

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Thandeka Mthethwa

Comedian Khathu Litshani (28), from Tembisa, Gauteng, has become an overnight sensation through the videos that he uploads on social media, keeping people of Mzansi entertained with his funny comments on every issue that happens in this country. Dj Khathu, as he is affectionately known, is famous for being a live mix Dj on Yfm for the show “the players club” which airs every Saturday. The Republic Mail caught up with this young entertainer.

Who is Dj Khathu?

Dj Khathu is a 28 year old comedian, Dj, radio producer, event organiser, music producer and a whole lot more. I’m a brother to two beautiful sisters and I was born and raised in the east of Joburg, Tembisa.

How did you become a comedian?

How I became a comedian was really by coincidence because I had shot a video promoting an event I was hosting and in the video I used an accent that my late grandfather used when he spoke Zulu and people received that video really well and they kept asking me to do more videos, I then took it serious and unfortunately a friend of mine had misused something he had borrowed at the time, I then made a video complaining about that and the video was a hit and it went viral, from there on, as they say, the rest is history.

 Who is your favourite comedian and why?

My favourite comedians have to be Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah. These dudes are talented and I respect their work ethic and the time they put into their craft, it is so inspiring to see them succeed even though I want to surpass them one day.

If you were not a comedian, what would you be?

If I wasn’t a comedian, I would probably be a radio presenter and still a mix Dj because my passion for those two things is very deep.

What obstacles have you faced in your life and how did they affect and shape you?

The biggest obstacle I have faced in my life has to be the passing of the grandfather. He raised me and taught me lot about life. It took a while for me to deal with his death but through dealing with his passing, I learned a lot about myself and the man I’m turning out to be.

Do you have any dreams that go beyond just being a social media comedian?

I certainly do, I just recently started my own company and I am hoping to land a TV gig soon and do more radio and help the youth realize their potential and dreams, so for me, social media is like that stepping stone I use to put me where I want to see myself.

How do you upload your videos, do you have a schedule that you follow?

I mostly upload my videos via Facebook or Youtube but that will change soon because I am in the process of developing the Dj Khathu website and I am quite excited about that. I don’t necessarily have a schedule as to when I post, I post whenever I feel like posting and im glad my fans have come to understand that and it works out perfectly.

Do you have any advice for upcoming comedians?

My advice to any upcoming comedian would be to believe in themselves and try as much as they can to be original and find their own style of comedy and to never give up. Dreams do come true, you just have to believe in God and his timing.

To watch Dj Khathu’s hilarious videos, follow him on twitter at: @dj_khathu,

Instagram: @djkhathu,

Facebook page: Dj Khathu