Ready To Leave Their Prints

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumi Setladi

South African music is really growing and we see a lot of upcoming artists showing up to share their gift with the rest of the world. Well Finger Print 5 is also ready to make their mark in this grueling industry.

Finger Print 5 is a five piece band established by Nkamogeleng Lebeloane in 2012. The band draws its inspiration from children and the injustice that South Africans face on a daily basis. After realising that Live Music is possible when she came to Pretoria, Nkamogeleng decided she too wanted a piece of that and she started the band. Besides that there is a bigger reason behind starting the band.

“Initially it was like to see if I can do it but once I did that I [then] realised that children are being neglected, children are being abducted and staff like that and I was like I am inspired by the children, they are so cute and innocent,” Nkamogeleng explained.

She describes the sound of their band as ‘RootSoul’ which is a combination of soul music and indigenous sounds, sounds inspired by their backgrounds like the Batswanas, Zulus and etc. They are currently busy composing new songs since they are planning to release a full album next year. Either than that they are doing a lot of gigs spreading the word and making sure that people are familiar with their music.

They recently got a chance to perform live on SunRise which Nkamogeleng describe as “a professional encounter with beautiful hospitality.”

“Sunrise was so awesome, the staff members are nice, it’s very professional and on time. Everything was communicated in advance, so it was really awesome and it was just so easy to go there, we just send them our bio and music sample and they called us,” she added.

They want to leave a legacy which will ensure that children and black people in society realise the power that they have. They hope to decolonise everyone to go back and get in touch with their roots hence their sound. They want people to understand that they are enough.

The plan for this year is to push their EP that is out and they are planning to do a music video for one of the tracks on their EP. They are planning an official launch of their digital CV and post it on their YouTube channel in May. They hope to collaborate with one of the bigger bands in South Africa like The Muffins or Freshly Grounds.

They will be performing at the Karaoke Night at African Chef, Centurion Eco Park Boulevard this April and the entrance is free.

They are appreciate the love they have been receiving from their fans.

You can get hold of them on their social media:

Facebook: FingerPrint5

Twitter: @fingerprint_5

Instagram: FingerPrint5432