Khumalo Is Inspired and Driven To Make Her Name In The Fashion Industry

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumi Setladi

This is my favourite quote ‘a degree on your wall without a label on your back means nothing’.

At just 19 years old, Sanele Khumalo is on her way to building an empire of her own. She is a firm believer of doing things for herself and she is well underway in becoming a household name in South Africa fashion industry.

Although she is currently doing her second year in Criminology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and she keen to finish this degree, she knows where her heart is and that is in Fashion Design!

“This is my favourite quote ‘a degree on your wall without a label on your back means nothing’, even though I am doing this degree I know that this degree is not my passion anymore – design is my passion,” she said.

She describes her self as a ‘go getter’, an opportunist and someone who takes action. She believes strongly in her self and her abilities, there is no circumstance that can keep her down. She is a social person who also believes in the power of giving back to the disadvantaged.

She is inspired by life first, just how life can humble you, how the hardship will force one to fall but still they rise again. This just keeps her going. Her mother and sister are her biggest inspiration too because as a family they have managed to go through challenges and still came up on top. She got emotional explaining how her mother raised her and her sister and going after the best for them. Despite drawing her inspiration from her family, she also looks up to Zwakalisile Masuku who is in the fashion industry and an entrepreneur. She met Masuku while she was auditioning to be one of her brand ambassadors.

“The way that day I flopped [and] I wasn’t ready but that woman saw potential in me and she didn’t give up on me. She was hard on me but now I believe she saw something in me,” she added.

At young age, Khumalo has many plans for the future which she believes she will execute them in due time. She is currently working on her vintage line that she will be launching this year in May. She wants to take her customers back to the 80s. She wants to grow her brand to an empire, having her own modelling agency prompted by the experiences she had when her dream to be a model was shattered.

“The reason why I want to have a modelling agency is that, I never got a chance to persue my dream of being a model because this modelling agencies are very hard. So I want to give each and every one who has the desire and drive a chance to do so,” she added.

She would love to dress celebrities, have her own brand ambassadors and do anything to bulild her empire.

If you wish to support or help her in getting this empire running you can contact her on her facebook account which is: Melokuhle Sani