Fashion Designer Touches Lives

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumi Setladi

Zen Masuku (28) is a Fashion Designer with a heart set to help the disadvantaged. Hailing all the way from KZN she came to Pretoria to venture into the entrepreneurial industry.

She was raised by her single mother but she never felt the void of a father figure. Growing up she has always been different and knew then that she would venture in a career most people in the rurals of KZN wouldn’t venture into. She absolutely didn’t let her circumstances define her future but they only made her stronger.

Today she is the proud owner of ‘House of Zen’ which mainly sells her clothing line called ‘Zendarciaz Couture’. She is currently involved in a lot of projects because she believes in not limiting herself, although she is a fashion designer she also believes in giving back to the disadvantaged especially in her community in KZN. She is busy with a food parcels project in KZN proving that she is more than a designer but a humatarian at heart.

Zen Masuku with members of Indima Yethu

She is currently training a lot of girls that want to embark in the same profession she has ventured into. She is grooming upcoming models, fashion designer and sketcher. Girls that are still in schools and universities, she mentors them and use some of their work of course compensating them for encouragement.

“I am also involved in a lot of community development back at home, you see I am from the rurals of KZN and it is not exposed to a lot of things. People from there think that when it comes to modelling you always have to be half naked, but I am trying to introduce that you can be a model and not be naked but rather advertise a certain brand,” she explained.

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She also mentioned that she would love to change the mindset of adults and parents when it comes to the line of her work. Parents become sceptical when it comes to the Arts, they think you can’t have a career in that field, so she is trying to bridge the gap by creating some awareness through information and being a living testimony of just that.

“My aim is to touch lives, not everybody will understand what you do, but I would like one to be motivated and touched looking at my success,” she added.

In 2013 she woke up one day and saw the importance to start her own brand and use her gift to change lives. In 2012 November, she won an award at her then work place for best dressed, she then got some encouragement from an old lady who was a cleaner at her work place to really consider creating her own brand. That’s when her quest to touch lives began.

She has always been a focused lady and she mentioned that she gets the question of whether she is single or taken all the time, so she wanted to clear the air.

“I am focused on building my own empire and when the right time comes for a relationship it will come,”she said.

Her short term goals is to open her shops and distributing her brand all over. She would want to venture into the whole ‘give a matric student clothes for their matric dance’ campaign. Her long term goals are going international with her brand.

She will be appearing on SABC one’s Fan Base sometime mid-May so watch the space.

You can follow Zen on the following social media plartforms:

Instagram: zen_thusi

Facebook: Zendorciaz Couture