Our Girl Tshawekazi Is Godness In Her Own Right

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumi Setladi

Very determined to fight against all odds, Yanga Ndzulwana (26) is climbing the ladder to becoming a successful musician and actress.

Popularly known as Tshwawekazi, she was born and bred in a small town called Butterworth, Bika in Eastern Cape. She describes herself as one of those girls who was a ‘liker of things’ in a good way though. She was involved in a lot of activities growing up. She was part of a choir both in school and in her community, she was the only female vocalist in a hip hop crew called ‘Halogenes’, she is a writer and a poet. She literally did almost everything in the arts.

She was always drawn to arts hence she was very active while growing up. In a period of five years she didn’t do anything that is art related but unexpectedly the passion and love eventually arose. Tshawekazi has a very candid way of describing that moment.

“One time there was gonna be an event, we were organising with Mayibuye Archives – during the planning stages, they were looking for someone who was going to do a musical performance, a friend of mine actually pimped me out and she was like there is someone who can sing……. She pointed at me so I was forced to actually perform. So ever since I went back to singing [during] that event I never stopped, the hunger and my need to perform grew back again,” she explained.

The hunger grew so much that she is pushing to actually make it and be successful in the industry. She is currently working on a song to be released with a Mr Mzet, she is also with the Fabric Theatre company staging a play Othello, playing the character of Bianca. She is also part of the play McBeth. She is an English teacher to foreigners.

Like in any other industry she has found it very challenging to make it in the entertainment industry. She mentioned that it is a real struggle getting in the industry as an aspiring artist and the industry does not make it any easier for anyone. Because of the passion one has to push through the challenges and breakthrough – something she is doing.

“It is hard to get a hit, I don’t know whether it is a South African thing or an international thing but for new faces to be introduced or recognised it is difficult. But for the love of it, as artists we try and find ways to substitute what we do you know go on and be doing our own projects and all, but it doesn’t always mean you are gonna get the recognition,” she added.

She is inspired by black women in every form of art, who in all challenges have managed to pull through and make it. All these women inspire her for different reasons, she mentioned your Oprah Winfrey, Khanyi Dhlomo, Basetsana Khumalo, Maya Angelo, Pearl Thusi and the others.

“Their stories inspire me because we are in a men’s world and it is governed by men’s rules basically and we are just supposed to conform and do what a man says because our roles are pre-determined for us and we have to fit in those roles, but they have redefined all of that, and they chose to determine their own rules in life and they chose to redefine their identity,” she said.

She is a very passionate lady who knows what she wants and will strives to reach for it. She is slowly breaking in the industry and every one should just watch out for her.

To keep up with this talented lady you can reach her on social media platforms:

Facebook: Yanga Ndzulwana

Instagram: Queen_Victorious