BREAKING: uPhongolo in KZN Hit By Earth Tremor

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

Reports streamed in from across north of KwaZulu-Natal that another earth tremor on Sunday in uPhongolo.

uPhongolo was affected by the tremor – which lasted a few seconds and five seconds in Ncotshane township and other places at around 8:56pm.

The last time uPhongola was hit by 4.70 Magnitude mb earthquake was in March, 1982 which covered a distance of 10km. Before that, there had another one in 1970 for 3.70 magnitude mb. While there are no accident reportedly but many have taken to social media to express their experience.

“I am even afraid to sleep”, Asanda Ncube MaMzilankatha

“I heard my bed shaking and I woke up to check outside what was happening and I was told it’s the tremor”, Mfanufikile Nxumala said over the phone.

It was the third tremor experienced during this month.

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Earlier this month, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Botswana and Zimbabwe were affected by the tremor – which lasted a few seconds and two minutes in Limpopo at around 7:44pm.

At the time, Seismologist Ian Saunders of the Council for Geoscience said the tremor was “strong” by South African standards.