Indima Yethu: A Cry For Help Parade

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumi Setladi

Indima Yethu is an Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that believes in being the voice of the voiceless. Their main target are school children in the communities that are underprivileged. They are planning a big parade titled ‘Orphan and Vulnerable Children Parade’ as an exposè of their mandate.

The parade will take place on the 16th June 2017 in KwaZulu–Natal (KZN) Pongola. During the parade, they are hoping to have all the support of all community members and interest groups alike.

They will be parading to a central area carrying donation gifts. They will be giving the gifts to orphans and vulnerable children. The parade is set to emphasise that people need to come together to support what is right for the future, which is taking care and making the dreams of the disadvantaged a reality.

Indima Yethu was founded and chaired by Zen Masuku, Thula Vilakazi is the Treasurer, Ntethelelo Masango being the Secretary, Lethokuhle Nkambuke is assigned in the Deputy Chairperson position and Nkululeko Mafuleka as an additional member.

“We have 12 volunteers that we work together with to make a success of this campaign,” Masuku said.

Together, they are detemined and dedicated to empowering the youth in high schools from unprivelleged rural areas of South Africa by supporting them with what is a need to them especially school resources.

“Pongola has 31 High Schools and that is the number of schools we are working with on this campaign,” added the elated Masuku.

Being the first ever youth group in Pongola to do this, they are trying to bring the community together to support the same cause. They are hoping that South Africans can stand up and support this beautiful initiative and stop blaming the governments for everything. They are calling on anyone to show up and support the campaign and the parade.

“Anyone or any company, entrepreneurs who are willing to donate with pads, school shoes, bags, toothpaste, every resource that a school child uses to go to school – Indima Yethu will accept anything, money also if they have,” she pleaded.

With the slogan ‘our role is in our hands’ the organization is set to do even bigger things. They are hoping to expand mandate outside Pongola and be all over the country with their campaign. The parade is just one of many means they are willing to do to help the disadvantaged.

For more details on this parade like their faceboom page:

Orphan & Vulnerable Children Era Parade