SABC Radio Stations Instructed To Play Birthday Song for Zuma – DA

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

In a statement issued by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the party has learnt that various [SABC] radio stations, including Ukhozi FM, Phalaphala FM, Ikwekwezi FM and Ligwalagwala FM, have received instructions “from above” to play a special happy birthday song for the President’s birthday today.

The DA attributes such a move to President Jacob Zuma’s camp within the ANC. “In light of the political and economic fallout following the President’s midnight cabinet reshuffle, the latest move by the Zuma camp can be described as nothing less than propaganda to ensure that he retains his power by all means possible,” said the statement.

The DA said “will submit parliamentary questions to the new Minister of Communications, Ayanda Dlodlo, to find out who exactly commissioned the song, who paid for the commissioning of the song, which stations were ordered to play it and how much it cost to air the song?”

“Under Zuma’s presidency, poor South Africans continue to suffer, as he sells our country to individuals who seek to loot our public coffers in order to enrich themselves,” added the party.

The DA urges all public broadcasters to protect their independence from any attempt by captured individuals to promote narratives that endanger media freedom.