PAC Veteran Phillip Kgosana Has Died

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

Kgosana was a long-serving member of the Pan Africanist Congress.

The Makapanstad-born and a son of a minister, Kgosana died at age 80. He graduated from the Lady Selborne High School in Pretoria in 1958 and was awarded a bursary to study commerce at the University of Cape Town.

In January 1960, when he became regional secretary of the PAC for the Western Cape, he dropped his studies to do full-time political work.

When the PAC regional chairman was arrested on the eve of the Anti-pass Campaign in March 1960, 23-year-old Kgosana inherited local leadership of the organisation. His fame skyrocketed when he emerged as the spokesman for 30,000 African demonstrators who marched into the centre of Cape Town on March 30.

Police were temporarily paralysed with indecision, and the event has been seen by some as a critical point.

Kgosana was a long-serving member of the PAC.