ANC Rejects “Disorderly” Claims Made By DA In Tshwane

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

The African National Congress (ANC) Tshwane Caucus condemns unwarranted claims and derogatory statements made by the DA.

The issued a statement where it said, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has failed to govern and has been rejected by people from Mamelodi and other townships.

“Their rejection by the vast majority of our people has lead them to describe these as ‘ANC disruptive behaviour’, the statement said. “

The party also said people of Tshwane has also expressed concerns about “the resuscitation of apartheid laws and the turning of the administration into a cash cow” which does not favour or support the poor.

Yesterday, it was reported that the DA MMC Mare-Lise Fourie, condemned the “disorderly acts of ANC councillors”, which halted workers in Tshwane’s revenue collection campaign on Wednesday.

ANC councillors said they were not consulted over the collection and stopped workers from starting the door-to-door programme to establish who was unwilling to pay for municipal services and who was unable to pay. A claim the party rejected.

Fourie said disruptions constitute a breach of the code of conduct, as set out in schedule 1 of the Municipal System Act, 2000.

However, the ANC believes that “the DA-EFF administration seeks to gradually convert the administration into a loan shark sugar coating this as revenue collection campaign. These road shows are aimed to sugar coat their cunning plan of scrapping the pro poor indigent policy implemented by the ANC.”

The DA and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) entered into coalition after the parties failed to gain outright majority during 2016 Local Government Elections.

Since the DA took over, the council has been marred by violence and disruptions. The DA has also said the ANC are behind these disruptions.

However, the ANC caucus deny being behind it (disruptions) but they said, they are only stopping the DA insensitive policies towards blacks majority – who are poor.

These policy, the party said, were “aimed at alleviating poverty and inequality in indigent households in Tshwane,” the statement added.

“The DA is hell-bent on reversing this strides we have made in the benefit of the poor of the poorest in our communities particularly in the townships where the ANC won all the wards.”

“The indigent policy programme was aimed at alleviating poverty and inequality in indigent households in Tshwane.

“Upon registration, indigent households qualified for basic services such as 12kl of free water per month, 100kW of free electricity per month, free water and sewage removal, as well as exemption from rates and taxes.

“The programme forms part of the ANC’s Indigent Policy, which was implemented in line with national government’s call to alleviate poverty, under the revised policy approved by Council in 2012.

Attempt to get a comment from the DA went unsuccessful