Keep What Is Sacred, Sacred

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

“Are you contributing and conforming, or are you introducing and leading, setting the standard of morality and saving yourself from yourself,” writes Mpho Bapela

Speaking as a young person in society comes with a whole lot of responsibility that is sometimes overwhelming to carry. Especially considering all the factors that contributed to our identity formation growing up, our different backgrounds and our views and knowledge acquired from years of ‘formalised education’.

As humans however, we do share a commonality which our mere existence depends on – our sexual behaviour and sexual health. It is the core aspect of human interaction. All the realities we have developed that stem from our experiences and knowledge have shaped our minds into opening up to societal influence and conformation.

What happened to the religious and cultural morals and values that was strictly followed and instilled by our forefathers and have flourished our creed. Here, my friend, I am referring to choosing to remain pure until to procedure of binding one soul to another occurs.

I am referring to remaining untouched until you are ready to make that sacred covenant with God, unity in love which epitomises the love of God. For us to stop giving our bodies to sexual pleasure, understanding sexual intercourse and the implications that we as humans do not consider especially as the influence of religion and culture is slowly subsiding.

Why can’t human beings cope with the emotional baggage of past lovers? Why do we hold on to only what our physical senses can experience in sexual expression? Well… the answer lies in the purpose of human beings relying on the sexual intimacy and pleasure to sustain a relationship.

Sexual intercourse and sexual intimacy is solely the inheritance of married life, for reproduction. We are meant to only experience the passions of sex with our soul mates, the one whom has the courage to ask your heart, mind, body and should from the Maker himself. We let the things of the flesh steer us into become pleasure seekers, and we set unrealistically high standards that is based on the first time that no one will initially replicate.

This is because in sex, your first is really meant to be your last, not a bucket list topper. Why are we selling ourselves short because of what the society is dictating to us that we are ‘supposed’ to be experiential experts in having sex. The most sexually attractive person is now measured by their experience in bed rather than their purity. Remaining untouched conjures in us the fear of being a novice in the field of selecting the partner who can deliver sexual pleasure to your bed the way your virginity breaker did.

Relationships do not last nor withstand obstacles because of such factors as we do not enjoy other aspect of the relationship better that physical intimacy and having sex. Now proud virgins swearing to wait for marriage have become ridiculed in society, a target of people who want to ‘pop that cherry’ without the obligation of speaking any religion anything.

A clear indication that people do not fear a higher power any longer, they feel autonomous and ‘self-driven’. Where do you stand with your God? What are your reasons for giving up your gold bearer to someone whom you have not devoted your entire life to in the name of God.

Think about the world around you, are you contributing and conforming, or are you introducing and leading, setting the standard of morality and saving yourself from yourself. Letting your body control your mind body and soul? Think about it…