Men Bags Now A Necessity

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumiso Setladi

Carrying handbags is something that has always been associated with women. Although in the past very few, brave men could carry bags but most the bags they carried were typical of what a man would be expected to carry, something that would not draw attention.

Now in the 21st century, most men are not fearful of what society will say, they carry men bags and make a statement without saying a word.

Fashion has transformed in the men’s fashion, men can now accessories on top of carrying bags and the good thing about men bags is that for every kind of men, there is at least one bag that best compliments their style.

Goodman Mavimbela from Goldman’s Touch Boutique supports this statement by saying, “men bags are no longer a feminine element to fashion or to a man’s outfit, it is now much of an essential”.

We now live in a world where technology is dominating the social sphere; people carry phones, i-pads, laptops and a whole lot of other things. This is further proof that men have also progressed to a modern lifestyle and are not afraid to carry items like their wallets, tissues, lip balm in their men bags for occasional touch-ups.  All of these things are used on a daily basis either to work, business meetings or social events but the catch with men bags is that you cannot carry all these with your hands, you need a bag to put everything in, the same way ladies put their make-ups and cellphones in their handbags.

Men Bags do not need to be boring and standard, they need to compliment a person’s outfit and the occasion. There are also latest trends you can find in retail stores and just by browsing the internet that are stylish and fashionable. The ordinary most common men bag packs have now evolved to be a very stylish and casual tool that one find in good leather, colourful and male appropriate but not too limited in terms of fashion expression.

“Men bags are like an accessory now that people go to extreme measures to make sure that they have the sexiest, coolest men bags and I always say that the man bag that you carry must go with your outfit or occasion,” Goodman explained.

Goodman added that men bags are in demand these days and are accessible all over in all retail stores. More men now see the importance of bags and they go over and beyond to get bags that best fit their styles. They carry bags everywhere they go, without compromising their fashion sense and looking very presentable. The trend has gone beyond your feminine male and metrosexuals, ordinary guys have found the need for bags. Men these days are very worried with how they look and present themselves and a touch of a stylish bag is a plus.

Men have also gone to the extent of custom making their bags to best compliment their fashion sense. They make fashion statements with these bags and a long lasting fashion impression.

You can go online or visit your nearest male retail stores to check for the coolest, sexiest and trendiest men bags to incorporate in your day to day life.

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