Bringing A New Definition To Fashion

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Tumiso Setladi

Fashion designer Keabetswe Mmoroka from Pretoria, Gauteng is the youngest of four children. After matric she decided to go to the Free State to learn to be a responsible person which was also where she managed to successfully complete her first qualifications in Marketing.

Keabetswe describes herself as a free soul who is very accommodating, nurturing, welcoming, creative, curious, inventive and imaginative. She says she also has a soft spot for animals which is proved by her owning a little bunny she has decided to name Zeus.

Fashion has always been close to her heart. Keabetswe says that she believes that the design industry is interconnected which is why she loves the whole design industry. She continues to say that she is a firm believer in that what you wear does not define who you are but is a form of expression for what you believe in and creating clothes that help people express themselves better is one of her goals.

“I began sketching clothes back in primary school and it became a hobby. I don’t know the exact moment it hit me, but in high school I took an interest in designing and decided to pursue a fashion design career and ever since then I stuck with it,” Keabetswe explained.

Keabetswe is currently working on the re- branding and launch of ‘PTCH BLCK’ studio, which is an online store that will offer ready-to-wear women’s  clothing that is inspired by the athluxe trend, African culture and urban street wear. She also says that she provides tailored designs for clients under the Keabetswe M brand to source income.

“My parents are definitely my biggest inspiration and support system, due to the simple fact that they believe in dreams and the hard work that has to be put behind to make them a success,” Keabetswe said.

Keabetswe’s future plans are to grow ‘PTCH BLCK’ as a proudly South African brand and work towards opening a flagship store for it.  She concludes by saying that her ultimate goal is for the majority of South African women to own at least one item of ‘PTCH BLCK’ in their closet.

To learn more about this young lady, you can find her on the following social media platforms. Instagram: @ptchblckstudio, Facebook: PTCH BLCK Studio.