“Artsy Weirdo” On The Go

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Tumiso Setladi

Lungile Greatness (as she would love to be known) is a fashion designer/stylist, freelance bridal make-up artist, recording Jazz singer and a painter. She says that she has set her mind to use her multiple talents to contribute to the world meaningfully.

“I have always been known to be the ‘artsy weirdo’ even as a child. I didn’t have the specific arts in my primary years so I had to practice and skill myself in a number of my interests,” she said opportunity to do any.”

Lungile’s passion for drawing and sketching made her develop an interest in fashion design even though she studied visual arts and not fashion design directly. She says that she believes that fashion design was the most relevant of all in terms of her art which is why she saw the need to learn and master it so that she could find out the relationship she could have w
ith the universe through her clothes and prints.

“I do quite a number of other things but I think it is relevant to say that I hand-paint both fabrics and clothes for clients, do portraits, conceptual pieces and random patterns as per request. The brand of these I have called ‘Galactic Soul’,” Lungile added.

Lungile has been drawing ever since she realised she was good at it but music has always been something that she enjoyed more despite her abilities in the visual arts. She not only sings but writes her own songs as well. Though her main focus at the moment has been ‘Galactic Soul’ she has been able to fit some music projects in her busy schedule.

Lungile says that she is inspired by God-The Creator, “how he created everything on earth for us to find purpose and work towards making sure that we fulfill exactly what he has set us to do,” Lungile said.

“I am really fascinated by God’s principles and philosophies and just how He thought and created everything to be just, why He made us creatives, why so much of Himself in one Man, there must be something incredible that we can and are meant to achieves,” she explained.

Lungile plans to have galleries and theatres, and more to her name. She says she would also love to have Jazz Cafés, poetry clubs, everything that sums up all that she is- the ‘artsy weirdo’.

To check out her work and to be in contact with her, find her on the following social media platforms: Instagram: @greatativistry, Facebook: LuGreatness Sisaga, facebook Page: Witness The Artivistry.