God’s Grace Rewrote My Story; Mamello

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Ndileka Swakamisa

Mamello Phumo (23) was born in the North West, in a small beautiful town called Klerksdorp. She currently resides in Johannesburg Florida Roodepoort where she has developed a passion for gospel music which later resulted in her taking a further step to fulfil a career of her dreams.

Mamello fellowships at the Freedom Assembly Church International based in Florida. She is under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Kunle and Pastor Ronke Osoare. She joined the congregation in 2013 where she explained that she was walking past the church auditorium where they were having a mid-week service and one particular ‘brother in choir’ was singing one of her favourite songs titled “The air I breathe”. “His voice spoke to me and I saw myself inside the church worshiping God with tears in my eyes,” she explained. From that point on, that’s when she knew she had to join the ministry.

“Being a Christian is not as easy as people think it is,” she says. Christianity requires commitment, discipline and focus. As a gospel singer, there is a certain way in which you have to speak, dress and do things. One of the biggest hardships she has encountered was forgiving her father who has rejected and abandoned her. She further explains that it was not easy, but through Christ, she was able to forgive him fully and to love him even when he was absent from her life.

Mamello is one of the vocalists in a Gospel Rap Group called the “Sounds of Valor” where one of their greatest achievements was winning the Crown Gospel Awards for the best Gospel Rap Group in 2016. They have also won the INGOMAS award for the same category mentioned above. This has inspired Mamello to start her own project titled “HIS GRACE REWROTE MY STORY”. Her aim for the future is simple, She wants God to announce her to the world, to use her in places she had never thought God would use her. She aims to change lives and win more souls into God’s presence.

“HIS GRACE REWROTE MY STORY” is the title of Mamello’s gospel album that she is currently working on, where she will be sharing about her journey as a Christian through ministrations and testimonies of songs and how God’s grace has really changed her life. The purpose of this album is to encourage somebody out there who has been through what she has been, to give them hope and to assure them not to give up and that there is a God that can change their life stories from bad to good. Mamello also aims at ministering at different churches to share her life stories and music.

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