Soetry Is Making Poetry His Life!

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Tumiso Setladi

Solly Ramatswai (23) popularly known as Soetry is a poetry who writes to find words for his own emotions.

He grew up in a small village called Pollen, Limpopo. He is currently based in Winteveldt and sometimes in Klipfontein. He is the fifth in a family of six children born by Mmabatho and Salaelo Ramatswai. Pollen is a place with all his childhood memories. He remembers memories filled with indigenous fruits, swimming in rivers, and fishing and many more countless smiles he got from growing up there.

“I would lie if I say I know a specific day or year, but I would say 2014 was a year my writing grew roots. I grew up with friends and classmates who were and still are passionate about art,” he explained.

He says that he grew up with his grandmother who is a storyteller adding to hearing others work on things that he wishes to work on inspired him to do that he does.

He currently takes creative writing classes at Mzansi Poetry Academy, he is part of the Current State of Poetry’, and he is also part of the ‘U R WHAT U SPIT’ and Art battleship which is a project he grew with in Limpopo.

“There are a lot of writers who inspire me, Busisiwe Mahlangu i.e. magic, Nkateko Masinga pushes her love for work more than flames pushing air out of wood and many more like Modise Sekgothe, Mutle Mothibe, Anthony Anaxogorous for being themselves and unique,” he said.

He smiled when he looks at how art is growing and being taken a bit more serious in South Africa. He mentioned Kokela Putuma’s work whom he says is the epitome of that.

“I rarely cry when I am sad, instead I write. I cry more when I laugh to my jokes. I am not alone; I grew up breathing with others my lungs are not enough. I smile too much sometimes or most of the time,” as he described himself.

He plans to become the best version of himself, the best writer he can be and learning more will enable him to be able to pass on the knowledge.

He is Solly MrSoetry Ramatswai of Facebook, @soetry_sa on Twitter and Instagram.