Strong Vocals Matched With A Great Heart

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Tumiso Setladi

Nokuthula Andresthia Thanjekwayo (22), from Mamelodi, Pretoria is a vocalist, a poet and an actress.

“I wasn’t born into a wealthy family, but I was born into a Christian family, later on I found myself not being religious but being a disciple of God,” she explained.

When she was in Primary School, she was asked to join the choir hunger teacher. As time went by, there was a competition for the Jacaranda Children Choir (JCC), her school was asked to participate and one person in the school choir was to win a chance to be part of JCC. She won but unfortunately the choir required about R3,000 so that they can get a passport for her and other things because JCC was both a school of academics and music. Her mother couldn’t afford that money and when the school tried to raise funds for her, her mother refused. In a nut shell that is how she realised her gift of singing.

“I am involved in a Sanitary Towel project which provides towels to schools. I am also in a process of getting a hygiene cleaning project for the elderly off the ground, but unfortunately I can’t say much about it yet,” she said.

She is inspired by Thapelo Lefifi from Mamelodi because he does not let people tell him what he can and cannot do. She is also inspired by musician Busisiwe Nqwiliso (Bucie) whom she says is a woman of grace and intellect.

“I am also inspired by every living woman who has kids and makes it work on her own without an income. Also by nature especially poetry, the everyday life just makes it more convenient to write about,” she added.

She would love to work with Mahalia Buchanan, Xolani Mdlalose, Khaya Mthethwa, Thapelo Lefifi and Bucie. She says that these artists have managed to remain humble even with where they are and where they are still going.

Her future plans are to open a poetry movement that takes up the world in storms of words. She hopes to grow in the music industry and make a name for herself.

She is AndresthiaNokuthula Na-Thanjekwayo on Facebook, @Andre_Thanje on Twitter and has a Facebook page called Life, Music Poetry.