Mapaila Takes Zuma To Court

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Mbali Sibiya

The SACP’s second deputy general secretary, Solly Mapaila is taking legal steps against President Jacob Zuma over his controversial cabinet reshuffle at the end of March.

Speaking in a panel discussion on corruption at Lilliesleaf Farm on Sunday night, Mapaila said Zuma lied to his alliance partner when he fired Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. According to Mapaila, he has deposed an affidavit against Zuma.

“You can’t be in the revolutionary movement and not be honest. I have noticed    many lies being told by the President. That’s why i can say now in public for the first time that I’ve deposed an affidavit…. he lied to us, or how could he tell us the truth and lie to the public. So i had to take that step which i felt is important that we bring him to the commitment of our movement,” said Mapaila.

On … the SACP announced that it would contest future elections independently. This was said at the end of their 14th Congress in Boksburg.

On the Gupta family’s relationship with the President, SACP leader Blade Nzimande said the party is clear.

“One thing is the relationship with these Guptas. It’s embarrassing, it’s infuriating to have this immigrant family come here. That is why we have lost faith in the President.”

ANC MP Makhosi Khosa was speaking at the same event on Sunday.

According to Khosa, the police have shown little enthusiasm in investigating a series of death threats against her and other senior political figures.

Khoza says it’s shocking that police haven’t made any break-through, despite having been provided with evidence.

“Clearly this is not just about Makhosi Khoza. It’s about quite a number of people. There’s a lot of intimidation, i mean some of you might have heard that those who will be voting for the vote of no confidence are synonymous with suicide bombers and we’ve been threatened with dismissal and I’m one of those people who’ve been accused of extreme ill-discipline and i may be charged,” said Khosa.