Restore Your Hair Line

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Nompumelelo Nkosi

The loss of your hair can be very embarrassing and stressful at the same time. Receding hair lines can take a blow on a person’s self-esteem. Loss of hair line affects both men and women but let’s face it, women feel it more – it knocks them right in their confidence. Worry not; you can restore it with the right treatments.

Hair pulling and excessive hair processing are the most common causes of this unfortunate condition. The braids and weaves we love so much and make us look good aren’t so much loyal when it comes to your hair line. It is difficult to prevent a receding hair line caused by medical conditions and hormone imbalances. As much as you want your hair to look good, the use of harsh chemical products such as hair relaxing creams and straightners, dyes, curling irons and blow dryers do cause hair loss.

Hair around your scalp is finer due to pulling from ponytails and tight braids, and damage from heat or chemical styling. Here are some amazing hair line treatments that you could try at the comfort of your home and most of all save money. Bona magazine shares tips on how to avoid hair line loss.  Do not do hair styles that cause tension on your hair line. Signs that your hair style is too tight include redness and small bumps around your hair. Whatever style you want to do, try to tell your hair stylist to ease up on the pulling and do not put extensions on a receding hair line. Shampoo your hair every week by using moisturising shampoo and conditioner to recover your hair and scalp.

Be kind to your hair. Many women fear a receding hair line and we only notice once the damage is done. When you brush or comb it, do not be too harsh. Staying natural is the key. Try to keep your hair natural and in between, do your favourite hair styles but be careful on what you use on your hair. Coming back to chemicals, anything that is not natural is bad for your hair. Chemicals cause your hair to thinner and weaker and burs the scalp.

Try castor oil, coconut or almond oil. Castor oil is good for promoting hair growth, but it’s better to use a medicated product specifically designed to treat hair loss. It is safe to use these products for your whole head. Apply the oil to the roots of your hair.  Consider taking supplements such as vitamins. To be certain on which supplements to take, consult with a pharmacist over the counter or a doctor if your hairline is severe. Hair product stores have a number of hair growth hair foods that you can apply to your hair, look out for a more natural one. Add more proteins to your diet – red meat, eggs and spinach are amongst the examples.

You do not have to suffer. Follow a simple routine to your hair line freedom and you will be happy.