LOL: Times President Zuma Made The Nation Laugh

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Nompumelelo Nkosi

He he he! Maybe Jacob Zuma’s true calling is comedy, wouldn’t you agree? Our president always has something funny to say even in most serious times. It does not matter the situation or where he is, when his funny bone calls, he responds. There are a number of times the president put on a show for the nation.

Back in 2015, Jacob Zuma was faced with questions from opposition parties in the National Assembly demanding answers. Pressed by Members of Parliament over his assertion at ANC’s KwaZulu-Natal elective conference that his party came before the country, Zuma told them the ANC was around long before South Africa became republic. Economic Freedom Fighters’ Mbuyiseni Ndlozi stood up to complain that the president does not take them seriously and finds their questions funny.

This was Zuma’s clap back: “I don’t know how to stop my laughter, is it hurting? No.”

Still in 2015, Zuma was called to answer about his upgraded Nkandla homestead which cost over R200-million. Zuma did not waste any time and responded the “Zuma way” of course. Zuma left MPs in stitches with his respond.

“Some people could not pronounce Nkandla before, they have now learnt. N-khandla they say,” he joked and said it four times while laughing. “Even if you tell them the Nkandla report is being processed, it is going to come, and they say Nkandla! Even if you are discussing serious matters, they raise points of order and say Nkandla! That is the problem. It again emphasises the poverty of politics in our opposition parties,” said Zuma at the time.

While chaos and violence erupted around him in Parliament this year, the president just sat and observed and when it was time for him to make his speech, Jacob Zuma simply laughed.

The president has even taken an interest on Venda women: “When I was in Venda recently I was so impressed to see how people there express respect for other people. A woman would clap her hands and even lie down to show respect. I was so impressed. If I was not already married to my wives, I would go to Venda to look for a woman.”

According to President Zuma, God has declared that the ANC will rule till his son, Jesus comes back. “God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back.”

Who can forget the numbers being a hard hit, huh? Zuma has also left many laughing when he could not read R939 360 00. I mean, can you? Apart from his funny statements, our president is also a hit with rolling his eyes and smiles during serious times. Even though his moments receive a lot of backlash, we can admit that he has made parliament moments different.

To watch these hilarious moments, YouTube has got your back. Happy laughing!