Shaka Sisulu Leaves Trending SA!

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Mthethwa Thandeka

Mzansi’s shadiest man has left the popular talk show, Trending SA. This comes six days after Trending SA celebrated its one year milestone since it premiered on our screens.

Shaka Sisulu has not said why he is leaving Trending SA but we sure are not happy about his decision to leave. We cannot dwell on what has happened though, so in order to see who replaces the king of shade, you will have to tune in to Trending SA tonight and find out.

His last appearance on the show was last night and it was emotional. The only person who is known for crying on the show is Kuli Roberts but yesterday, things took a dramatic turn when Pabi Moloi started crying.

I am however wondering why Shaka is leaving the show for real because, this is a night time show, what job could he possibly have that is more cooler than working at night when all the other jobs have closed their doors.

I hope whoever they are bringing to the show is going to live up to the challenge and will be even as shadier.

Well, nonetheless, Goodluck Shaka!