Meet The Young Entrepreneur Behind Nelspruit 05

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Lungelo Mesh

It takes a life time for one to realise the talent they have. So many people sleep and walk with their talent each day but it is hard for them to see the gift that they possess. People who live upon their gifts or talents are regarded as the luckiest people in the world.

The honest truth is that everyone is born with a talent but it requires patience and time for one to actually uncover it. A talent requires your creativity and your brain in order to have something that you can keep forever.

As it is said that hard work pays, born and bred in Lihawu near Nelspruit, Simphiwe Sibande, aged 25, is a young entrepreneur who owns UniqueBrands _merchandise. He started his company in 2012 when he was still a first year in college.

“I went to a place called Vuna Sign around Nelspruit and I asked them to print for me a name written Unique, so as I walked wearing the t-shirt, people used to ask me that where did I do my t-shirt and they liked it so that is when I had an idea to start my own company because I felt like I was good in creating names that attract people,” said Simphiwe.

The company is about branding clothes but mostly people come with their artwork and the company implements it on their clothes. Unique brands is a printing and embroidery company. Lately Simphiwe has printed a t-shirt with the name “Nelspruit 05”, which has recently caught all eyes around the area.

“The story behind the name Nelspruit 05” is not too long, a young man who goes by the name of Siya came to me and told me that he has an idea that we can use for the new t-shirt, I liked the idea so we decided to start with branding, that was this year, early June and so far the t-shirt has caught a lot of eyes, people like it and we really appreciate that,” said Simphiwe.

Simphiwe shared that meeting up with many positive people in his life motivated him to become the person he is today, “the only thing that has inspired me to start my own business is that I realised that I am very good in art and I was lucky enough to meet people who gave me courage, they advised me what to do with the skills that I have,” said Simphiwe.

Simphiwe has not only printed “Nelspruit 05” but he also designed other clothes and printed them which has also marked a word in the city. He has designed and branded names such as “Ng’phuma eMpumalanga” and “Ng’wase Mbombela”. Simphiwe said these two branded names were inspired by a musician from Nelspruit, Russian Galo.

“I remember, it was at night and he was performing at a place called Casambo. He sang a song which had those two names so I took the words from the song he sang on that night. The other t-shirt “It’s a Mpumalanga Thing 013” was inspired by K.O, there is a phrase that says “it’s a Mpumalanga thing” in one of his songs, so I have picked the words from that song and the “013” it’s a phone call code from places around Mpumalanga,” said Simphiwe.

Simphiwe says he is working towards having his own UniqueBrands label garment because currently he buys from Woolies, H&M, Cotton-On and Mr Price, “I would like to encourage the youth of today that if they realise their talent they shouldn’t sit on it, they must try by all means to surround themselves with people who will help them fulfil their dreams and they should never forget to surround themselves with positive people,” said Simphiwe.