Color Run Is Soon To Hit Mbombela

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Lungelo Mesh

Colors are part of the things that contribute to beauty of the world. They always have a certain meaning. Some colours symbolize love, cleanliness and even danger, once you put a sign with a certain color people will know the meaning of the signs. Today’s colors create games that people enjoy being part of. Colors have turned to unite a lot of people in different ways. All these things are signs to show that colours are also powerful and the world would never have such beautiful things if colours were not there.

Color Run is one of the games and events that bring exciting moments to citizens of the country. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle to people. In the past years it has also showed unity to different citizens. Earlier this month, the Color Run management confirmed that Mbombela will be one of the cities that Color Run will visit and indeed as they promised Color Run which is sponsored by Capitec bank will be visiting the city of Mbombela on the 19th of August. The Color Run is an exciting series and 5 kilometres paint untimed event, which is attended by a thousand participants and it is for all age.

The world’s first color event, was established in March 2011, as an event that promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community to participate in a 5 kilometers run. During the 5 kilometers run, each kilometer participants get to be soaked with paint from head to toe. After color runners complete the race, the fun continues and finishes with a festival. The party is always equipped with music, dancing and massive colors throws which create millions of vivid colour combinations. Even though the event is about having fun, it also focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Well it is said that this year’s theme on every tour will be all about encouraging runners, young and old to step into spandex and don capes and masks while having the exciting moment of 5 kilometres run. Trevor Latimer, the national event coordinator said, “participants are encouraged to use the colour run as a platform.” He said this year is all about celebrating the superhero in all of us. “As part of the campaign we announced a competition that will see our most inspiring superhero jetting off to an international event one lucky hero will win an all-expenses paid trip for two of the Color Run events in Paris in 2018,” said Latimer.

Thapelo Nkosi, from Witbank in Mpumalanga, a colour run participant, said he is very excited that the Color Run has remembered the city of Mbombela this year.

“I really can’t wait for this big event, it is always very exciting. There is just never a dull moment, you get to see people that you haven’t seen for a while. Basically all I can say is that the event does not only bring fun to us but it unites us as people from different areas,” said Nkosi.

Percy Brown, another Color Run participant, from Barberton near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga also said that the colour run event is one of his favourite games and he is very excited to hear that it will be visiting the city of Mbombela, “I haven’t been exercising in a very long time and I am lazy to even walk or run a distance so with this opportunity I will use it though it is for one day but I really believe that it will make a change in my body,” said Brown.