Ex-Wife Refute Claims Of Women’s Basher

Siboniso Mawandla | The Republic Mail

By Mbali Sibiya

With the African National Congress (ANC) national conference fast approaching and the race heating up on the succession debate. Deputy President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa’s ex-wife has come out in defence as allegations that he is a woman-basher mounts.

Following Mr Julius Malema’s radio interview where the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said that ANC Women’s League (WL) President Ms Bathabile Dlamini was indirectly referring to Ramaphosa when she said that Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana “[i]s not the only one, there are worse men in the ANC”.

Mr Ramaphosa’s ex-wife, Ms Hope Ramaphosa has come out to rubbish Mr Malema’s allegations. In an interview yesterday, Ms Ramaphosa said that it’s absolutely shocking that someone in Mr Malema’s capacity as a leader could lie publicly in order to tarnish one’s image.

“[Mr Ramaphosa] would rather negotiate or do things amicably than beat someone up. I was his wife and girlfriend for a very long time, [Mr Ramaphosa] would not beat up a woman.

He is very sensitive to women’s issues. I had the opportunity to make him angry many times, but he never lifted a finger to hit or abuse me in any way. She said despite their disagreements she still wished Mr Ramaphosa well in his quest to replace Mr Jacob Zuma as the ANC president.