Mob Justice In KZN Kills One

Staff Writer | The Republic Mail

By Thina Bhengu

A man has died after being beaten to death by a large mob in Kwa-Zulu-Natal (KZN).

According to Colonel Thembeka Mbhele, spokesperson for the KZN South African Police Service (SAPS), a case of murder is being investigated in the death of the 45 year-old man.

Mbhele says the SAPS estimates the crowd to have been made up of hundreds of people, but are unclear about what led to the violence.

It was reported on social media that a child was abducted, leading to the community attacking the suspected perpetrator of the kidnapping, but preliminary indications are that this is not what happened.

According to Mbhele, the child in question was in her father’s car with a neighbour at the time of the incident.

Mbhele said an ambulance was dispatched to assist the man, but he succumbed to his injuries. The ambulance had to leave he area as the crown was still aggressive.

The man was known to the family and the child in question’s father reportedly does not believe he tried to kidnap his son.

A second person has subsequently been confirmed dead following the attack.