Behind The Voice On The Radio There Is A Serial Entrepreneur

IMAGE: Supplied

By Thandeka Mthethwa

Social entrepreneur, business coach, and radio presenter, Neo Rantele Kuaho (35) says he did not go to school straight after matric. He said he wanted to study film production but his parents would not let him because they did not like the idea of a struggling artist.

Neo eventually decided to enrol Information Technology – Software Development (Programming) at the Tswane University of Technology (TUT). Though he studied computer programming, he considers himself as someone who develops people.

The budding social entrepreneur tells us about how he got into the radio. “I got into radio in 2009. It was not intentional because I came up with a concept and approached Yfm,” said Neo.

“The CEO wanted me to implement the concept I had come up with. Initially, I hosted the YDIDi show with Faith Mangope and Kgomotso “Motso” Taje and over time different co-hosts came and went. Today, 8 years on I do the show with Linda Ginya, Prince Mswati and Nia Brown. The tricky thing about this concept I came up with was that, the solutions I came up with back then only became a thing five years later,” Neo said.

When Neo was asked about how has the experience been so far since it has now passed five years already. He said it has been eight years since I joined radio and the experience has been amazing.

“People are being helped on a daily basis. I am proud of developing young people into being great and successful career professionals and entrepreneurs through radio and other programmes such as mentoring, career and entrepreneur workshops, seminars, which are outside of the radio show.

“I always say that we don’t give because we have much, we give because we know how it feels to have nothing. We are not doing this for fame. People who do things for fame will always be exposed because there is no love,” Neo warns.

The radio industry, like the entire entertainment industry, is very difficult to survive for eight years. There are obstacles along the way and you might have come across them over the past eight years.

Even before you were on radio, you might have faced obstacles, and how did those obstacles shape the person you are today?

“Interacting with different nations is a blessing and somebody will eventually recognise your hard work. Your reasons for doing something cannot be for centered on money or being famous. You need to be good…..,” said Neo.

You mentioned that your radio show is based on the work that YDIDi does and is your organisation more like any other organisations in the country?

According to Neo, the organisation host seminars where “entrepreneurs come in and pitch their business ideas.”

“We host seminars every year. Under YDIDi we also do the Dress Jozi Walk, a charity event where we mobilise people from all over South Africa, every first Saturday of June.

“Yfm comes on board every year to support the drive which is incredible. We hand out clothing items to people who live in the streets [and those] who live under bridges,” Neo said.

People know Neo, the Yfm presenter, social entrepreneur, business coach, and all that but there must be a talent that is hidden behind this multi-talented Soweto-born serial entrepreneur that people might want to know about.

“I am not a bad or a good cook, but I can successfully pull off an average dish. I am an avid reader however I do not just read everything and anything, I read things that will uplift my spirit, get me in the mood of change,” he said.

“The first language I learnt growing up is XiTsonga because I moved to Limpopo when I was young and I love ice cream. Oh and I’d like to thinl I’m very smart if not the smartest (laughs). Apparently I can also sing, so I guess that is a fun fact,” said Neo.

What fun facts about yourself that people do not know about you?

Neo says he would like to advice people to be careful of what they say, because it starts becoming your reality and also remember without commitment you will never start and more importantly without consistency you will never finish.

There are many ways you can get in touch with Neo, if you want to become part of his organisation Dress Jozi, or you want him to come in your organisation and deliver entrepreneurial talk. Of course he can also mentor young entrepreneurs to learn deeper about the industry. People can get in touch with Neo on all social media platforms Facebook & LinkedIn (Neo Rantele Kuaho) and Twitter & Instagram (@neo_YDIDi).