ANC In KZN Must ‘Sober Up’ – Senzo Mchunu


The African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) needs to sober up after last week’s High Court judgement, according to former ANC KZN chairperson Senzo Mchunu.

Speaking to Onkgopotse JJ Tabane on POWER Perspective, he said, “[p]ersonally I don’t feel that there’s a winner or a there’s a loser. It’s an opportunity for us as members of the ANC in the province to decide what we want to do with the legitimate power that we have as the ANC, having won elections in 2014.”

“We need to sober up and say ‘what is it that we want? Do we want to sit on the roof and say that we are in power, and then lash out at one another and point fingers at one another? Or do we want to say look, probably in the things that we have been doing in the past two years or three, there are things we should have done, we didn’t. There are things we shouldn’t have done, we did.

Those things we did, we should have done them in this way, rather than in that way. So that we ended up in a conference that has now been ruled out and has been declared invalid. Surely there are things we did wrong, and we need to sober up and use the opportunity to reflect,” Mchunu said.

Mchunu was the chairperson of the ANC and Premier of KZN until he was ousted at the controversial 8th provincial conference of the party in November 2015 and replaced by Sihle Zikalala. Last week the High Court annulled the results of the conference, potentially jeopardising the upcoming national conference, scheduled for December. KZN is the ANC’s biggest province by membership.

Mchunu also said that the National Executive Committee (NEC) is best placed to interpret the judgement on behalf of party. This is after the now-disbanded provincial structure said it would appeal the ruling. It has since withdrawn that threat.