Melokuhle Brings Fresh Talent To The Design Industry

PICTURE: Supplied

By Ndileka Swakamisa

Melokuhle Khumalo (19) comes from a family of 2. She was born and raised in Pongola but currently resides in Durban pursuing her studies in Criminology and Psychology at the Howard Collage (uKZN). She describes herself as a “humble soul and a lover of art not forgetting that she used to do runaway modelling for designers”.

“While growing up, I used to watch a TV show called ‘Medical detectives’ I guess that’s what intrigued my love and passion for criminology. I was interested in the science behind solving a crime,” Melokuhle explains. Melokuhle explained that it’s actually so astonishing how her career in design developed, she was just a random girl that enjoyed sketching and styling people. All that changed when a friend saw a sample of her sketches and convinced her to consider taking up a career in fashion.

New Creation Clothing Line models showcasing their new collections at uKZN. PICTURE: Supplied

When the brand “New Creations”was formed, there were only 4 of them and each one of them had a task of coming up with a name for the clothing line until she walked past a salon named “Creations” and she thought it was unique and since it is a “new” venture they merged the two words and that is how the “New Creations clothing line was established.

Melokuhle believes that her passion for art and design is her calling rather than her current qualification she is obtaining. “I believe that a degree on the wall without labels on one’s back is meaningless, my art speaks more for me” she further explains.

Last year Melokuhle was featured in a fashion exhibition hosted by one of her fashion mentors and that was her very first fashion gig. This year she took a greater step into hosting her very own fashion gig and she invited other designers which she held at her school.

Melokuhle’s designs from her fashion gig. PICTURE: Supplied

New Creations Clothing line focuses on creating vintage looks, African prints and street fashion. One of her challenges was not receiving the support she needed from her family and there were dry seasons were the marketing of her brand was not successful.


Melokuhle looks up to Khosi Nkosi who is one of the very well known fashion designers and her personal fashion mentors Prince and Zen. Melokuhle explains that she wishes to grow her brand, to be an international designer and to also have her own modelling agency.