Audi A5 Coupe Trimmed With More Rounded Edges

PICTURE: CarsGuide

By Karabo Magubane 

There are but a few things in life that can make one re-evaluate some serious priorities, one of them is the outgoing Audi A5.

To start with, the Audi A5 is quite trimmed with more rounded edges and design cues that make my heart melt.

The Xenon headlamps give an intimidating “try me” look, whilst the rear lamps are more benevolent and make one comfortable driving the A5.

The 18-inch alloy rims that it rides in give it an “I am relaxed not tamed” kind of attitude.

Like the top South African athlete:Wayde van Niekerk, it cruises majestically and efficiently.

Point it on the open road and you’re guaranteed to feel the 6.4 seconds claimed by Audi.

The two door coupe is the perfect car for a family man, who still has a knack for a thrilling acceleration.

It is sophisticated enough to arrive at a business meeting with, yet casual enough to enter into a street race without looking like a cop amongst the thieves.

The Audi is a business meeting at 08:30 and drinks with the gents at 21:00 type of car. It just oozes sex appeal and is sure to keep heads turning.

It has a very commanding presence,like that guy that walks into the room, and without uttering a word you have a loathing for his precise movements and suave nature.

The Audi comes standard with some soft touch, high quality plastic on the dash and door panels.

The mundane electric windows,airbags and cruise control.

Everything you have come to expect from the modern day coupe. For the more particular drivers, it has leather interior as an optional extra.

Overall,I think the Audi manages to blend into any surrrounding (apart from some serious off-roading).

It is a car for a flexible and adaptive man. It interrogates you,hammering on that one question:”Can you handle me?”