WATCH: Man Beaten By Security Guards In Totalsports


Editors note: The video is graphic and could disturb sensitive viewers.

Footage of a man handcuffed and assaulted at one of Totalsports’ outlets in Gabarone, Botswana has emerged on social media.

The video, posted on ZA Neighbourhoods Watch’s facebook page by an  unknown user is making rounds. It was posted yesterday, around 2pm and has been viewed more than 52,000 times.

[WATCH]: The victim attacked by two security guards in a Totalsports store in Botswana.

“Totalsports is aware of this incident and [have] confirm that it occurred in 2013 in a Shopping Centre in Gaborone. At the time that it happened, the matter was dealt with by the Ce­ntre’s Security Comp­any, the employer of the Security Guard,” the company said in a statement. 

“Our number one prior­ity is the safety of our employees and customers. That’s why our employees are trained to immediately contact Centre Sec­urity should an incident like this occur.

“Totalsports does not condone this kind of behaviour and all employees are encour­aged to treat each other with dignity and respect, clearly communicated in our company values,” the company said.