Young Multi-Talented DJ Lives His Dreams

PICTURE: Supplied

By Lungelo Mesh

It is rewarding to be a multi-talented person and it is a pleasing feeling to be recognised and be able to use your gift. Born and raised in Matsulu near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, is Linda Chirwa who is well known as DJ Mnyasa. He is a multi-talented DJ and most people have heard his mixer on Ligwalagwala FM during his time as resident DJ during weekends. DJ Mnyasa is a music producer, a drawing artist, song writer, an event organiser, a karate trainer and a journalist by profession.

DJ Mnyasa developed his love for being a DJ after his later grandfather’s support. “My late grandfather bought me CD players and a mixer, it was back in 2009 and I was 11 years old. I then played my mixer at a family gathering, I wanted to test myself if I was really good at this.

“Surprisingly everybody was dancing to it and they loved it, that is when I realised that I am really good in this and the love for music and of being a DJ just grew,” said DJ Mnyasa.

Mnyasa added that the love for music and radio made him become the person he is today. “I always wanted to share ‘music with people, so becoming a DJ is a way to spread the love that I have for music to people,” said DJ Mnyasa.

During his free time, he trains young people from his community Karate. “I started Karate after my mother passed away in 2005, I needed something to distress me and also I just wanted to relax my mind.

“The reason why I train people Karate is because it teaches you to seek for a perfect character, be faithful to yourself, endeavour, respect others and refrain from violence behaviour. I just want to share this, it is wise to be a Gardner who knows how to defend himself than to be a Gardner at war. The harder you train, the shorter you fight,” said DJ Mnyasa.

Apart from all the mentioned achievements DJ Mnyasa has been nominated to be voted as the best Kasi DJ in the Beauty Fashion and Music Awards (BFM awards) that will be held on the 18th of November.

“I feel very honoured and so humbled to have been nominated, this is such a great opportunity and it really shows that my effort in this industry is now being noticed. After so many years it is my first time to be nominated for an award. I am really happy,” said DJ Mnyasa.

DJ Mnyasa was asked if he was confident enough to take the award home, he expressed his feelings by laughing out loud and he said he is a bit nervous but through people’s support he believes and has faith that he will win since it’s the votes that are going to determine whether he is really the best Kasi DJ or not. “Even so, I have good faith that is coming to the community of Matsulu,” said DJ Mnyasa.

DJ Mnyasa said that the only thing he is running towards for now is success.

“I just want to bring new things in the media industry and bring new mix to my fans since there is no fun without music. I really believe that I became a DJ on purpose and I am ready to fulfil this purpose,” said DJ Mnyasa.

To contact DJ Mnyasa, you can find him on Facebook, Dj Mnyasa Mixingbuddha on Twitter and Instagram @djmnyasa and they can email him to

To vote for him as the best DJ of the year, you can sms 15E to 45545