EFF Councillors Approach Court To Have Expulsion Overturned


Six expelled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councilors say they will approach the High Court in Pretoria in a bid to prohibit the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) from expelling them from the Mogale City Municipality.

This follows after the EFF leadership sacked six of its nine councillors after they’ve defied the party’s decision and voted with the African National Congress (ANC) according to reports.

Katleho Mofokeng, a lawyer representing the councillors said the plan by the Mogale City Municipality to begin the process of re-electing new councillors should be banned.

“We’re going to request that the court should interdict them so that they can exhaust all the internal process of the organization,” he said.

Mofokeng says the move executed by the EFF is inappropriate, saying the leaders should have follow procedures.

According to Mofokeng, the EFF should have called the councillors and gives them tangible reasons why they should be expelled.

“After they were found guilty, they were supposed to be called to come and mitigate and give reasons why they should not be expelled,” added Mofokeng.

At this stage it is not yet clear whether the EFF will reverse the decision to expel the six councillors.

Councillors demand that they should be reinstated since the party failed to validate their removal.