‘Rzpek’ Makes Waves In The Hip-Hop Industry

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Mduduzi “Rzpek” Khesa (29) is a versatile rapper, beat maker and founder of IMC Entertainment; which is an Indie label based in Middleburg in the Mpumalanga province. Rzpek grew up loving gadgets, music, soccer, girls and he practice writing and did portions of artwork.

Rzpek began taking his career in music seriously at the age of 25 right after his learnership contract was terminated. The contract  termination later drove him to begin his own enterprise in the month of July in the year 2015 and since then, he has never looked backed or had any change of heart.  The rapper got his stage name ‘Rzpek’ from his peers whom he used to have college ciphers and recording sessions with and the name has since stuck with him.

Rzpek fell in love with the Hip-hop lifestyle since his early childhood; he couldn’t imagine himself being anything else but a rapper. “It was the desire that got me on this goose chase,” Rzpek explains. He describes himself as having a different work ethic and personality from other rappers because his rhythm has “that shock factor” and his content is very “brash”.

One of his very difficult challenges that he has later learned to overcome was working with artists that don’t put in the required effort, networking with people and understanding the entire music business at large. His advice to other upcoming rappers is “Don’t entertain handouts”.

Rzpek’s greatest highlight was when Dj Clock viewed a short clip he made for Cubique and told him he was “feeling his work”. It made him convinced and motivated that he is marching on the correct path. Rzpek wishes to work with K.O in the near future because he admires the type of work and content he brings on record. To this current date Rzpek has released two tapes namely; Bloodyville & Random under his name.

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