Preparation For Life After Matric


Lerato Masigo

Class of 2017 has ended and passing the Matric exams can be a relief and brings excitement to every learner and family. 

In preparation for life after matric, many matriculants will be facing tough times in choosing a right career path because they are unsure of what they want to do or what they want to become.

However, this is not where life slows down as  matric pupil should be looking at career options and getting themselves ready to go out and face the real world.

It is believed that some learners do not prepare themselves while there’s still time as they fail on choosing the right career path and parents tend to decide on which institutions they will be attending to. While some  choose their children’s career because they believe it is the right thing to do and want to give their children a bright future.

With the pressure they get from family and friends, pupil look for any higher institutions to study at with majority failing, and dropping out from school.

Leaveil Henry the Vice-principal and student advisor at Varsity College in Pietermaritzburg advice’s learners the importance of matric pupils to research in the career they want to get into.

“Pupils need to have at least three choices when applying for higher education. When you choose a career you need to choose what you love. Your personality needs to reflect what you are choosing, but you also need to be realistic and look at your marks”

He said every year they visit various schools where they give advice to Grade 12 pupils regarding the careers and challenges they will be facing as they get to the higher institution.