Sikhosana Joins Mudau’s Choir


By Isaac Ndou

South African soccer legend Jerry Sikhosana has backed fellow legend Daniel Mudau in prescribing PSL teams employ former strikers as striker coaches to help address the issue at hand where the nation watches as clubs and Bafana Bafana fail to score goals.

Statistics show that a total of 168 goals have been scored in the last 172 league matches, which means that a ratio of 1 goal has been scored per match in terms of statistics but in reality, a lot of matches have ended goalless. The former Orlando Pirates star backs the enforcement of striker coaches as a solution to this notable crisis.

“With the crisis we have, we should be having people who coach strikers. Where are we lacking now? It’s in attack, so why can’t we have people who can come in and specialise in that department? We need to have people like myself, and I’m not saying I’m the best, but we also have people like Phil Masinga because this is a crisis,” explained Sikhosana.

Sikhosana believes that part of the reason people are not going to stadiums to watch football is because there are no goals being scored at the moment because there is too much emphasis on ball possession. However, he went on to applaud the fact that there are former striker like Benni McCarthy, Fadlu Davids who are club coaches, meaning they are in a better position to help their teams.

“People just don’t want to see teams having ball possession. They want to see goals and that’s all that matters. I’m happy to see PSL coaches like Benni McCarthy and Fadlu Davids, people who used to be strikers. We play good football and it shows in other departments that we are improving, but it’s only just to put the ball in the back of the net that is the problem,” he concluded.

With former players offering tokens of advice on addressing the dropping standard of South African football, it remains an issue of interest to see if clubs will indeed follow suit and implement the hiring of striker coaches to help improve strikers’ performances.