Over 30 000 Learners Struggle For Admission In Gauteng Schools

PICTURE: destinyman.com


Lerato Masigo

With more than 30 ooo Gauteng learners applying for their 1st  grade and the 8th grade still struggle to be placed for the 2018 academic year.

In a statement given by the MEC Panyaza Lesufi on Sunday,till to date about 17000 learners whose parents applied on time have not yet been placed.

Those learners who applied on time but had not been placed, had applied in “high pressure areas” there was a shortage of space, said Lesufi.

However the department will ensure that the children are accommodated,

“We wish to assure all parents that all children will be placed in schools before they reopen on Wednesday, 17 January 2018,” said Lesufi.

“We urge parents to accept offers of placement from schools with available space. Many of the Schools in the Gauteng Province are full and cannot accept more learners,” he added.

Parents who encountered problems were asked to visit various designated admission centers on the 13th and 14th January 2018 in order for them to be assisted.

Lesufi said first time parents who have applied for their children once schools reopens, would have their children placed where there is space.

“However, due to the additional financial costs of accepting additional learners, the Gauteng Department of Education has to consult with the Provincial Treasury to provide additional financial resources”.

Late applications of parents who have applied. Would be notified in “due course”, on the status of their application.

The department is ready for the first day of school to ensure it goes ahead with no disruptions.

In addition, the MEC will be heading to court on Tuesday, over the schools language Policy where Afrikaans schools are using the language to exclude certain pupils.

He has said that, he spoke to three schools in Krugersdorp that will be taking in English pupils from this year.

“I’m going to court on Tuesday. There’s a school that’s refusing to take English speaking learners and we forced them to open up and they have taken us to court,” he said.

“So will be in  court on Tuesday to fight them and confront them. Afrikaans people have the right to learn in their own language,” he added.