Zuma’s Power In Office Remains Solid But Uncertain


Despite the outcome of 2017 African National Congress (ANC) National Elective Conference President Jacob Zuma’s fate in office remains stable.

There has been growing call for President Jacob Zuma by top governing party officials demanding his removal from power. There is mounting pressure on ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and the collective to oust Zuma from power as the head of the state before his term in 2019.this is informed by the need for the governing party to reinvent itself and regain the lost trust with voters and also establish the much anticipated state capture inquiry.

The outcome of ANC elective conference with Ramaphosa being elected as the new party leader has boosted confidence in Business that saw the Rand gaining strength against major foreign currencies. There is  hope that corruption will be tackle appropriately but still no actions has been applied against those alleged to be involved in looting state resources.

Despite Zuma being the president of the Republic of South Africa, his name come on top when corruption scandals were publicized by a number of investigative media houses and other investigation units. The Hawks irrationally dropped 783 corruption charges in 2009 and that being set aside by the constitutional court in 2017 including his family relation with the controversial Gupta Family.

At this point it is not clear whether President Jacob Zuma will be forced to step down through an impeachment process or he will be given a chance to finish he’s term with peace and harmony, while the other will be for him to render his resignation with the request of the party.