ANC Likely To Collapse Should Zuma Be Oust From Power

The African National Congress (ANC) is likely to collapse should President Jacob Zuma be oust from power before his term in office come to an end.

Following the growing call for President Zuma to step down, The ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) is set to be in talks over the removal of Zuma as the head of the state, saying this can be done through negotiation process.

As the ruling party celebrates its 106 anniversary, the ANC’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa has called for unity as factions within the party become increasingly divided over Zuma’s future.

According to reports Ramaphosa has been in talks with ANC officials in an effort to reach solid agreement regarding the removal of Zuma from power.

It has been reported that the NEC is due to meet on Wednesday ahead of the party’s official anniversary celebrations in East London this weekend.

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says since there has been faction within the ruling party the plan behind the ousting of zuma should be done through negotiation to avoid further damage.

“The power balance is such that this can’t be achieved outright. It is something that needs to be negotiated within the NEC and I don’t think that there will be any hasty action around this because if there’s a hasty action in removing him and if there’s no attempt to actually negotiate, it might cause an implosion within the ANC,”

It is alleged that Zuma is expected to step down before the National Executive Committee’s first meeting in East London on Wednesday.

At this stage Zuma is likely to retain his position until his term in office come to an end, since he has demonstrated  strong political backing in the past as he survived motions of no confidence. .