GDE Heads To Court Over Refusal Of Learners To Schools


Lerato Masigo

The Gauteng Education Department will be challenging the Hoerskool Overvaal to accommodate the additional pupil based on the language differences.

Today the Department will be heading to Pretoria High Court to fight the refusal of accepting learners in the 2018 Academic Year, with over 30 000 Gauteng Learners still waiting to be placed.

The Department has demanded the Hoërskool Overvaal to accommodate at least 55 more learners for the 2018 academic year and its refusal, arguing it can only accept Afrikaans speaking pupils and has now prompted legal action.

Nevertheless, the MEC Panyaza Lesufi has stated that this is not an excuse for the exclusion

“The other thing that makes people believe they’ve got the right to deny other children and the right to have access to quality education. What they’re scared of, I don’t know.” he said

“Tell me what you are fearing, so that I can address those fears but if you don’t tell us what those fears are, it is going to be very difficult for us to assist you.” he added

Panyaza says the Department is currently under pressure and needs help from the various schools in Gauteng.

“The other thing that makes the issue more difficult is that the school prefers to take only those that are speaking Afrikaans and this makes it difficult for us because we believe, as the department, it’s better to accommodate all learners rather than be selective and say I only need these types of learners.”