Calories Your Favourite Drink Could Contain

PICTURE: Diariosalud.onlin

Katleho Thamae

Often time we don’t realize the importance of what you drink is as important as what you eat. Summer is always filled with a celebratory spirit which triggers a fast metabolism to indulge in all the goodies.

This is always the case in gratifying yourself after surviving the year. However only a few people think twice before that extra mince pie or dish of potato salad in a sense that less consideration is given to the calories beverages contain.

It is wiser to consider that there can be many calories in what we drink as there are in what we eat. Sometimes we slouch on the couch and unwind with a cold beer or even have a glass of wine over a good preparation of a dinner meal or even have a cool drink.

Different drinks you consume contribute to your energy on a daily basis which is also determined by how much you have taken, this is why it remains important to understand the labels on drinks. As much as we would not want to eat a lot we should also do the same with what we drink and control the amount of sugar and calories we consume throughout the day.

Being clever about your choices is always ideal, it’s wonderful to spoil yourself but opt rather for something with lower calories. How you would do this is by instead of having a cappuccino, have a filter coffee with a splash of milk and cut back on the added sugar, you could always dilute your juice with water where necessary or even make your own smoothies.