Amanda Du Pont Launches Online Clothing Store

PICTURE: Grazia South Afric

Katleho Thamae

Swazi-born South African actress Amanda Du Pont (29) is known for various talents and skills which have been seen over the years from her passion in acting, being a brand ambassador and business woman of stature.

Amanda has constantly been that one person in the experimental line of style and fashion; it was only a matter of time until she took the ropes in opening her first online clothing store called Tribe Capitol. Fashion has always wanted a piece of her zesty style combinations on any outfit occasion.

The TV personality, shares a few words of the moment in her new venture that fills her up with great contentment in giving birth to something that she has always been fond of, “So for a while now I’ve been working on an online clothing store. It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do, because of my love affair with fashion!! ,”she said on Instagram.

This range of clothing will include a collection of items that she loves and could be purchased. As she finally spreads her wings, the fashion industry takes a higher dimension once again.