ANC Grieves Loss Of Hope Over Disgruntled Structures


The African National Congress (ANC) had been grieving the loss of hope over disbanded structures due to gate-keeping  within the ruling party after allegations of corruption and fake membership was discovered .

With the ongoing political glitch in the ANC, the party is in better position to restore lost trust since the newly elected leadership came in power in December 2017 during the National Elective Conference.

The ANC might have been labeled as a broken political party due to the corruption in government under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma and his allied controversial Gupta Family for being involved in dirty dealings including issuing of irregular tenders; the party has shown good efforts to rebuild the image of the ANC that had been tarnished in the recent past.

Since Ramaphosa has been elected as the new party leader along with other ANC top six officials, the Rand have gain strength as compared with international currencies including the US dollar which attract potential investors to build strong business affairs.

It’s been over two decades since South Africa has become a democratic state governed by the ANC, but the poor leadership under President Jacob Zuma has downgraded all the hard works of the late former president Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki respectively.

It is now clear that the ruling party need clean leadership to be in a better position to contest for 2019 general elections,while some analysts argue that if President Jacob Zuma is not out of power by June this year the party is likely to be in the opposition next year.

A journey of a corrupt leadership has reached the dead end, in the meantime the African National Congress is expected to revamp and serve the public interest.