Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers Increases

PICTURE: SA Promo Magazine

Onthatile Sepeng

The Department of Labour has increased the minimum wages payable to domestic workers for the year 2018. This is the minimum amount you should be paying your helper.

The new figures have been in place since Minister Mildred Oliphant announced it in December 2017 and will be in place at least until they are replaced by the new national minimum wages, which are set to be announced in March to be implemented in May 2018.

Domestic workers who work for between 27 and 45 hours weekly in bigger metropolitan areas are expected to earn R13.05 per hour, R587.40 per week and R2544.55 per month.

Those who work for between 27-45 hours on a weekly basis in local metropolitan areas are expected to earn R11.89 hourly, R534.91 and R2318.37 monthly. 

For the workers working for less than 27 hours a week in bigger metros earn R15.28 (R14.03) hourly, R412.60 (R378.83) weekly and R1787.80 (R1641.48), local metros being in brackets.

 This is a 5% increase from what the domestic workers were earning in 2017.