Rustenburg Community Angered With Drug Dens and Brothels.

Melo waBotho via Twitter

Lerato Masigo

Rustenburg community members are in anger as they went on a rampage, burning six buildings that are believed to be drug dens and brothels.

This came after the residence came to a standstill on Wednesday afternoon when an angry mob set buildings alight, but foreign nationals feared more violence might break out last night and today.

It is believed that the riot started after taxi operators decided that they had enough of nyaope users stealing their sound equipment and wheel caps from their taxis just to get a fix.

The police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said the business enterprises were set alight in various areas within the Central Rustenburg area at around 6pm.

“A group of people went on a rampage and started burning buildings owned by foreign nationals. Six buildings were torched‚” said Mokgwabone

“We hear that people are saying the police are failing to deal with crime and drug peddling. We therefore ask people to come forward with information. If they don’t‚ we won’t know what the issues are on the ground.”

He said that the possibilities are that the anger started after an arrest that was made to a man who had allegedly raped a teeneger and a police officer who was found in possession of drugs during the arrest.

The police officers were yet to identify on which of the six buildings were businesses and residential premises.

“We have not arrested anyone and we urge the community to comply with the law. Their behavior is unacceptable. Those involved must know that they are committing a crime and will be dealt with accordingly‚” Mokgwabone said.

“It’s our responsibility as the police to make sure we deal with crime proactively.”

He said law enforcement have been utilized within the area where the buildings were destroyed and no other incidents were reported.