Zuma’s Departure Should Not Be A Humiliation Process

PICTURE: Louise Mcauliffe

On Sunday, newly elected president of the African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa said that the matter on the possibilities for Jacob Zuma to exit office must be discussed but Zuma should  not be humiliated in the processs.

It has been evident that the people are eager to know if Zuma will stay in the presidency office until end of term in 2019 or be asked to leave earlier; Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said he acknowledges the interests of the people in questioning but the matter should though be discussed in a good and matured manner.

“We need to deal with this matter with the level of maturity it requires; I will say we should never do it in a way that’s going to humiliate President Zuma. We should never do it in a manner that’s going to also divide the nation,” he said.

Ramaphosa said that as the Top 6, they acknowledge that people are watching to see how they will manage after taking over from Jacob Zuma and the government at the ANC National Elective Conference earlier last month but their main priority is to ensure there is no division within the party.

The ANC’s top six are expected to meet up with Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba and Treasury officials to discuss the funding of higher education on Monday.
According to reports, they are expected to discuss the funding options for the new higher education plan and also have a discussion over whether to hike VAT or personal income tax, or both.