ANCYL Remains Defiant Over Zuma’s Removal


The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) remains defiant over the rumour that President Jacob Zuma’s political future hangs in balance.

While speaking to ANN7 on Sunday, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa was questioned about Zuma’s future amid mounting calls for his immediate removal to save the party from electoral decline in 2019 as many believe the time to campaign must begin sooner than later.

“Whatever we do, however we do it and whenever we do it, the ANC must be given time and space to deal with matters of this nature. We are not going to be doing anything that will seek to humiliate or disrespect the president,” said Ramaphosa.

Some took Ramaphosa’s statement as a clear indication that discussions to remove Zuma had been taking place, as he has been seen as a liability to the ANC in terms of support, given the cloud of corruption that follows him.

Ramaphosa said people needed to be patient with regard to how the ANC dealt with Zuma as it was “a delicate matter”,some analysts argue that the recall of the incumbent president must be done in a manner that it would not cause further damage and split as the party is trying to unite the two warring factions formed ahead ahead of December Elective Conference.

The ANC Youth League‚ has vowed to oppose any attempts to have him recalled at special National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which is the highest decision-making body in between ANC conferences held on Wednesday in East London last week.

The ANCYL under the leadership of Collen Maine has been seen as sympathizers of the president Zuma, while the league president has been a staunch defender of the controversial Gupta family where it is alleged have bought a house for him.

Reports say talks over the removal of President Zuma ware part of the agenda of the Nec Lekgotla starting this week on Thursday and it is expected that it will be debated in detailed and those calling for his removal will emphasize the fear of loosing the election with the embattled  at the helm.

In contrast those opposing the removal will also raising the point that he must finish his term to avoid the situation that happened with former President Thabo Mbeki when he was recalled six month prior to his term ends.

At this Point Zuma’s departure remain uncertain, meanwhile ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has urged members of the ruling party to restore peace and unity saying calls for the president’s removal should be addressed in a matured manner.