Ghanian Born Musician Crafted In KZN

Ndabezinhle Sibiya | The Republic Mail

Aspiring recording artist Jonnell Summers Priestley, famously known by Third Eye (37) was born and raised in Accra Ghana where he also completed his studies.

The name Third Eye was a name that always came from his personal intuition, which elaborates the eye of the mind or the mind’s eye. He explains this as a literal sense of an individual’s conscience in having the ability to see with the mind’s eye and not necessarily physically but possibly spiritually.

The reason to keep achieving was behind successfully composing twelve songs which still wait to be promoted, despite not being recognized he still aims to push his hustle in recording more to his heart’s content for the album once he has done a single release.

“Artists record with a concept in mind as long as that concept does justice it should be a favourite,”said local artist. The greatest songs he feels confident about is songs titled Your Story, Double Life, Olandelayo just to mention a few. Third Eye’s music accommodates everyone from your Blues, Qhom, Hip Hop, Dancehall and RnB.

It is always said that “tough times never last but tough people do” this is made evident in is his way up, being financially unstable is a challenge of many in the industry. Funds and time constraints were a challenge as he went beyond the budget however he looked at the brighter side of his setback and defined this as a planting season for him and yet to see his dreams come true.

His music stands to serve a purpose in impacting people’s lives positively by conveying a message  across in inspiring the weak , rebuking the wicked and amending the broken hearts of lovers going through tough times in encouragement for them to stand again. In the future he sees himself attracting the bigger market and doing even greater things with a set team vision to elevate even higher.

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