Rappers Presence Is Yet To Challenge The Music Industry

Ndabezinhle Sibiya | The Republic Mail

Alexandre unearthing township rapper, producer and song writer Lesson Makhubele Chauke better known by Lesson, rooted all the way from Limpopo in an area called Malamulele. He spent his high school life at Khatisa where he completed his matric and later furthered his studies at Tshwane University and did a Graphic Design and Multimedia course.

His name was given to him by his father, where as he grew and figured his flare would be an enticing rapper stage name to establish his path in the industry. Music for the local rapper came from a place of comfort, which was a hobby.  However he had always instilled a fixed vision contemplated where he was aligned with pleasant greatness at an early age of 10 years old. The grittiness in him built a foundation of “go big or go home” and for him music was the revelation.

Lesson started producing his music in 2008 which was when he made his very first beat.  The first song was titled Cry which he worked on with another artist named Kulani and had it performed at his former high school, where he stood in awe to the reception of the song as one of his former teachers appreciated his streak of music. Ever since this performance, it has given him strength to keep doing what he does as a continuous passion every time he is given an opportunity.

What mainly inspires him is to educate, spread love, and give the truth and share creativity and entertainment through his music, which sets it apart from the rest as it carries a unique style. He figured a loop hole in the industry and challenges the norm by bringing in a blend of Tsonga taste which he believes will grow the South African industry.  “I am never afraid to create, than having to copy,” said Lesson.

The recognition behind him has always been to inspire the hopeless and draw inspiration. He is currently working on an album titled Fresh Air and will be dropping it on the 31 January 2018 and he also working on a few collaborations.

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